Advanced Improv Class (103)

In this course, you'll apply your improv knowledge to more challenging games and practice, practice, practice! Some long-form improv will be taught, which will help you cultivate solid, funny and substantial scenes.

This class allows you to really experiment with the fundamentals you've learned, and with the help of your knowledgeable instructor, become ready to move to our Continuing education course.

Class is on Wenesdays, beginning at 6:30 and will run 2-2.5 hours depending on class size.  

To join the Advanced Course - Students MUST HAVE completed The Beginner and Intermediate courses.

Class Maximum is 18 students.  Once the roster has reached 18 students, The system automatically creates a second session.  If you are signing up with a friend and absolutely must be in the same class, please call us in the office.

Cost is $150. Sign up online below!.

NOTE: Classes are for Adults 18 or older


103 (Wednesdays)
JANUARY 1/17/18-3/7/18
MARCH 3/21/18-5/2/18
MAY 5/23/18-7/18/18
AUGUST 8/1/18-9/19/18
OCTOBER 10/3/18-11/21/18

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