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Contact: Alex Thien

Phone: (414) 272-8888

DATE 12/18/17


Improvisational Comedy Institution Aims to Transform Organizations With Customized Workshops

Milwaukee (December 18, 2017) – CSz Milwaukee, home of ComedySportz improvisational shows, is launching an Applied Improv program to bring teamwork and communication training to businesses in southeastern Wisconsin. The training can be tailored for any organization seeking collaboration, innovation and agility in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Applied Improv workshops can range from one hour to full workdays. Employees and managers who take part in this one-of-a-kind training will learn how to apply improv concepts and techniques at work to:

 inspire creativity
enhance teamwork
encourage outside-the-box thinking
bond socially
have fun

“This isn’t your standard team-building workshop. There will be no ‘trust falls,’” said Dave Nelsen, a 20-year veteran of CSz Milwaukee and an Applied Improv coach. “The basic concepts of improv can enhance any work environment, and that’s a value that businesses are missing out on. It’s a natural extension of the methods we’ve been perfecting in ComedySportz shows for 33 years.”

CSz Milwaukee has been entertaining audiences since 1984 with its flagship ComedySportz matches. ComedySportz, a local institution, is an improvisational comedy show that uses a competitive format and audience participation. CSz Milwaukee has always offered corporate shows and workshops, but the Applied Improv program shifts the focus from performing to application in everyday life.

“No one will be asked to perform. Performing scares a lot of people, and that’s OK,” said Nelsen. “We’re here to help you work together. We don’t expect to make you into an improv master in a one-hour workshop. But we are excited to show you how to apply improv concepts to your daily lives. Not only do our trainers have decades of experience, but we teach it in a fun and supportive environment.”

CSz Milwaukee has entertained and trained employees in an array of industries, from law offices and financial firms to schools and factories. The new CSz Applied Improv training pulls back the curtain on improv techniques and shares them with non-improvisors. As employers in every sector continue to look for employees who can adapt and think quickly, Applied Improv training is more useful than ever.

“I think the No. 1 thing people will be surprised to learn is that improv isn’t just saying something on the spot and hoping it gets a laugh. Just like in a fast-paced business environment, improv requires listening, acceptance of circumstances, supporting your team, taking risks and learning from mistakes,” said Mary Baird, general manager of CSz Milwaukee. “That’s what our Applied Improv workshops are about.”

For more information or to book an Applied Improv workshop, email or call 414-272-8888.

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