Hello!  Thanks for your interest in Howie’s catering options!  Below is a general idea of our options with prices for your event. 

These prices are subject to change based on changes to our cost, but we will communicate those changes as best we can. Once you’ve looked at our options and made your choices, or if you have any follow up questions, please email CSzFoodandDrink@gmail.com
Our Bar & Restaurant manager will help you make an official order and answer any questions that you may have. 

Fancy Pants Buffet
This all you can eat buffet always includes tossed salad with dressings as well as dinner rolls and butter.

Chicken Marsala
Chicken Provencal
Chicken Breast with Lemon Butter Sauce
Chicken Parmigiana
Stir Fry Szechuan Beef with Asian Vegetables
Beef Tips with Mushroom Red Wine Sauce
Seared and Seasoned Pork Tenderloin
Pan-Fried Bone-in Pork Chop
Freshwater Tilapia with Lemon Dill Sauce
Classic Milwaukee Beer Battered Fish Fry
Portabella Pasta Florentine

Rice Pilaf
Seasoned Cracked Wild Rice
Basmati Rice
Garlic Monterrey Homestyle Mashed Potatoes
Lyonnaise Potatoes
Buttered New Potatoes Fines Herbes
Italian Herbed Pasta
Pasta Marinara

Green Beans Amandine
Persillade Vegetable Sauté 
Corn Basque
Farm-Fresh Corn on the Cob
Honey-Glazed Carrots
Peas Cr`ecy

One entree, one starch, and one vegetable is:
$13.50 per person
Two entrees, two starches, and two vegetables is:
$20.00 per person

Available Desserts

Cheesecake, Chocolate Strawberries, and Cream Puff Dessert Tray Full Tray $50.00
Assorted Cookies $8.00 Per Dozen
Chocolate Fountain with Three Dippers $100.00 per 50 People
Occasion Cakes also available for pre-order. Customizable.  $25.00 10” round |  $40.00 Half sheet |  $75.00 Full Sheet

The All American Buffet
This all you can eat buffet is our take on the classic cook out, and comes standard with cole slaw, potato salad, unlimited tortilla chips and tomato salsa. 

The all American Buffet includes:
Brats, Hamburgers, Boneless chicken breasts and hot dogs.

Cost for all four meats is $10.50 per person
Remove Hamburgers or Chicken Breasts for $9.50 per person
Remove Brats or Hot Dogs for $10.00 per person.

We also provide condiments and cook out accents including assorted cheeses, lettuce, tomato, onion and buns

Appetizer Platters

Cold Appetizers

Chips and Salsa $45.00 per 75 People
Potato Chips and French Onion Dip $55.00 per 75 People
Pretzels $40.00 per 75 People
Taco Dip Full Tray $47.50 Half Tray $30.00
Seasonal Fruit Full Tray $75.00 Half Tray $40.00
Seasonal Vegetable Full Tray $55.00 Half Tray $30.00
Cheese Sausage and Cracker Full Tray $75.00 Half Tray $40.00

Hot Appetizers

Chicken Wings Full Pan $75.00 Half Pan $40.00
Chicken Strips Full Pan $75.00 Half Pan $40.00
Mini Egg Rolls Full Pan $75.00 Half Pan $40.00
Mini Corn Dogs Full Pan $70.00 Half Pan $35.00
Mozzarella Sticks Full Pan $75.00 Half Pan $40.00
Meatballs in BBQ or marinara full pan $75.00 half pan $40.00
Cocktail Weenies in BBQ or marinara full pan $75.00 half pan $40.00

NOTE: A full tray or pan is 6lbs of food and a half tray or pan is 3lbs of food.


Unlimited Non-Alcoholic Beverages
$2.50 per person during meal only
$3.50 per person for the entirety of your event 

Other Options
We are really flexible!  We can do open bar, selective open bar (beer and wine only) or you can set any value for drink tickets.

Beer cost usually ranges from $2.50-$5.50 per drink, wine $4.50-$5.50, and liquor $4.50-$15.50

Outside Catering

Saz’s is our exclusive caterer. If you want something more than we can provide, or would like to see their menu, please call them at 414-256-8765 or visit Sazs.com.
They are just as committed to excellent service as we are and will help you with any questions you may have!
We do not allow any other outside catering companies at this time.

Food Safety Information

Please Note: Due to Wisconsin Health code law, once buffet food service has ended, (usually when your private show or workshop begins) all leftovers will be disposed of. This is due to both liability to ensure customer safety, and to adhere to Wisconsin state law.