CSz Higher Education (104)

Once you have Completed the Advanced Workshop-- you are eligible to sign up for the CSz Higher Education Program.  

The CSz Higher Ed Program is an 8 week course where students are able to engage their instructor with more in-depth questions and exploration of Improv techniques.  Students are encouraged to open up discussions with the instructors and help the instructors cultivate skills you may feel like you need more work on.  

There is no official syllabus for this class-- Instructors will build the activities and lessons based on the needs and wants of the Advanced students in that current course.

The main focus of the CSz Higher Ed Program is to help each individual student put in the work and practice needed to become a strong improviser.  Notes will be more focused and standards of play quality will be expected.  (Though there will also be a lot of fun!) 

This class can be taken multiple times in an ongoing basis. (Students will have to sign up for each individual session they would like to participate in)

There are no scheduled shows for this class, though it is not impossible that a showcase may occur if the instructor feels it is important.

Classes are Wednesday nights and start at 7pm.  They run around 2-2.5 hours depending on class size. 

Cost is $150.  Sign up online below!.
NOTE: The start date of this class was previously stated for the wrong date-- Sept 27th is the CORRECT start date.  Thank you! 

104 (Wednesdays)
JANUARY 1/10/18-2/28/18
MARCH 3/28/18-5/16/18
MAY 5/30/18-7/25/18
AUGUST 8/8/18-9/26/18
OCTOBER 10/10/18-11/28/18

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Classes are Wednesday nights from 7-10pm