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CSz Milwaukee Intensive Series: Commedia Dell'Arte

New to the CSz Milwaukee Intensive Series!

Our goal with this program is to provide an exploration into some of the more focused points in improvisation, in ComedySportz, and in performance. Anyone who has completed a workshop in the last three years here at CSz Milwaukee is invited to participate, and further develop their skill set and abilities with improvisation.

What do The Three Stooges, Benny Hill, slapstick, and cartoons all have in common? They draw influences from Commedia Dell’Arte!

Commedia Dell’Arte is a form of improv/sketch comedy from the mid-16th century in which several comedy and improv foundations started and are still used today. In this lab, participants will learn about the stock characters of Commedia Dell’Arte and how their exaggerated movements and large personalities helped draw audiences into a scene. After learning the basics of movement and vocal work of Commedia Dell’Arte characters, participants will be encouraged to put their own spin on them and learn to adapt them into current day improv. The workshop will as well focus on character work, interacting (yes and) with fellow performers, and how hierarchy between characters can bring your improv to a higher level.

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes as movement can be intensive at times.

Bradley Colmerauer has been a player at Comedysportz Milwaukee for 4 years, coming up through the former CSZ Rec League. Prior to Comedysportz, Bradley studied Theatre at SUNY Fredonia in NY, where his passion for comedy writing, performing, and Commedia Dell'Arte developed. Bradley is currently the teacher for the 101 CSZ improv class and is the leader of a sketch comedy group of fellow CSZ performers and students.

Sunday August 19th, 2018 - 1-4pm
Located at CSz Milwaukee, 420 S. 1st Street 53204
Class is $50.00 per person and class slots are EXTREMELY limited.  Only 10 students per session.  


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