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Sketch 22 (#23)

SKETCH 22 (#23)
10 groups of writers!
2 musicians!
10 directors!
40 actors!
Writing, rehearsing and performing a sketch comedy show in 22 hours!

7pm. $10 and all tickets are sold at the door.
All proceeds are going to Planned Parenthood.

Sk22 writers
1. Becca Segal & Kris Puddicombe
2. Jacob Woelfel, Max Bord & Tom Weilenbeck
3. Patrick Schmitz & Doug Jarecki
4. Rich Laguna & Andy Stewart
5. Nick Firer, Ron Swanson, Sarah Wallisch, & Mandy Veeder
6. Matt Konkel & Casey Van dam
7. Megan Mcgee & Anne Graf LaDisa
8. Laura Holterman & Marcus Beyer
9. Erik Koconis & Stacy Pawlowski
10. Dawn & Matt Kemple
11. Brian B (MUSIC)
12. Jason Powell (MUSIC)

Karah Minelli
Megan McGee
Marcus Beyer
Jessica Betts
Patrick Schmitz
Allen Edge
Laura Holterman
Laura Bialek
Kris Puddicombe
Rich Laguna

Joel Dresang (14)
Josh Stone (3)
Kyle Conner (5)
Stephen Deming (5)
Andrea Watkins (9)
Robin Lewis (8)
Kelsey Lexow(5)
Ryan Dembiec(3)
Josh Decker(3)
Carly Malison(3)
Kathryn Schafer(5)
Michelle White(9)
Malorie Shallcross (1)
Becky Cofta(5)
Tim Farley(2)
Brian Eigenfeld(5)
Josh Randall(5)
Robert Imbrie (1)
Maya Norman(8)
Beth Lewinski(23)
Liv Shircel(2)
Jessica Kennedy(3)
Casey Van Dam(3)
Max Bord(12)
Matt Roth(6)
Sara Bee(17)
Tess Rutkowski(9)
Becca Segal(16)
Chris Goode(2)
Matt Konkel(6)
Stacy Pawlowski(18)
Hayley San Fillippo (3)
Nic Onorato (7)
Tyler Kroll (5)
Chris Novak(7)
Brianna Key (4)
Abigail Stein (2)
Hakim Collins(4)
Mandi Veeder(3)
Jasmine Collins(1)


Please note: This is not a ComedySportz match. All tickets, coupons and passes for ComedySportz are not applicable for this event.

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