CSz for Churches and Temples

We're clean. We're family-oriented. We are respectful of and sensitive to cultural needs.

Meeting Your Needs for Clean, Positive Entertainment

We have performed at hundreds of churches, temples and religious events in our 30+ year history and are extremely sensitive to the needs of faith-based organizations for clean, family-friendly, positive entertainment. With ComedySportz you get a show that reflects your values and helps your entire membership (or potential new members) laugh and share together, young and old.

Many churches and temples bring in ComedySportz® as a special event for their membership. Others charge admission as a fundraiser, or utilize a ComedySportz® night to introduce potential new members to the church.

For more info, email our Road Show Manager below!

ComedySportz® Is Interactive and Hilarious

  • 100% clean, family-friendly, positive entertainment. It's our most important value.
  • Interactive and fun. Everyone gets involved and laughs together.
  • Improvisation teaches the importance of sharing, commitment, trust and friendship.
  • It's entertainment that the entire family will love. Watching parents, children and grandparents laughing and sharing together is an amazing thing.

We Work With You! Easy To Book.

Bring us to your place, or bring your people to our locations. Either way, you're guaranteed a show that will be a positive, uplifting, fun highlight of the year for everyone.

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