CSz Milwaukee High School League


CSz Milwaukee High School League 2018/19 Season

September 22 – Informational Meeting with Current and Prospective Students/Faculty Members @ CSz Milwaukee -  11am-2pm
Bring your questions and concerns!  We will be here to answer anything you need and hopefully show you how great this program can be for your student!

September 29 – Meet and Greet with Parents, Faculty, and Students 1pm-3pm
We encourage all parents, teachers and students to stick around and see the 3pm matinee show! We will comp in any attendees of the meeting that RSVP ahead of time (and will fit all other in as space allows!)

DAYS: All workshops and shows will be taking place
on Saturdays. Workshops are from 11:00 to 2:00 on
Saturday morning, held at CSz. Each workshop has a
30 min break halfway through for lunch.

WORKSHOP DATES: Oct.20th through Dec.15th and
Jan 12th/19th . 

PAYMENT: The full cost for the year is $150 a
student. The payment is due on Nov.5th. If you show
up without having paid, you will be turned away
until you make the payment. With any questions or
inquiries about a payment plan please ask one of the
coaches. Paypal payment is also available.

SHOWS: Shows will start Feb 2nd. More
information will be offered on this a few weeks
before we start shows.


Sign up will begin soon.  
Have questions? We're here to help! 

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The ComedySportz High School League started in 1986, and is the largest and most successful improv training program for high school students in the country.

In our high school league, students will learn the basics of improvised comedy and stage work from our seasoned professional “Actlete” instructors. (Many of whom began in the High School Leagues too!)

The League will teach the student comprehensive skills in teamwork, trust, quick thought, public speaking, vocal exercises, and on stage presence.  Each workshop will impart skills useful on the ComedySportz stage as well as day to day life!

After the workshop phase is over, teams get a chance to showcase their new improvisational skills on the ComedySportz stage in weekly shows.  As the school year winds down, in mid-spring, the teams will play in a playoff tournament that gets everyone playing!

Some Former High School League Players include:
Dan Harmon, Co-Writer of the Animated Film “Monster House”, Creater of "Community" on NBC and the Cartoon Network show, "Rick and Morty"
Chris Tallman, a Correspondent on the Comedy Central Show “Chocolate News” as well as a frequent character on Reno 911!
Rob Schraab, Director of "Lego Movie 2", creator of the cominc book, "Scud"
Chris Garnaas, a Special Effects and Makeup Technician, and has worked on HBO’s Series “Carnivale” as well as the “Pirates of the Caribbean” Films. 
Todd Bishop has Directed over 400 episodes of the Jimmy Kimmel Show, and worked as a producer for the Sarah Silverman Program