Beginner Improv Class (101)

In our beginner's course, you'll learn the fundamentals of improv and stage-work, focusing on basic mime work, the art of speaking freely and clearly, and thinking quickly. As a group, you'll learn several improv games and work on exercises to sharpen your wits.

The course runs eight weeks, and the eighth week is a show on the ComedySportz stage. Invite your family and friends to come and see all you've learned!

Class begins at 6pm, and runs 2-3 hours depending on class size.  Larger classes will run longer than smaller classes to ensure everyone gets a good amount of stage time!

We offer either Tuesday or Thursday sessions.  

This course is perfect for people interested in comedy or theater, for professionals who want a confidence boost in the board room, and even for someone just looking for a really great, fun stress reliever!  

Class Maximum is 18 students.  Once the roster has reached 18 students, The system automatically creates a second session.  If you are signing up with a friend and absolutely must be in the same class, please call us in the office.

Cost is $180. Sign up online below!

OTE: Classes are for Adults 18 or older

2018 Dates:

101 dates (Tuesdays)
JANUARY 1/2/18-2/20/18
MARCH 3/6/18-4/24/18
MAY 5/8/18-6/26/18
JULY 7/17/18-9/4/18
SEPTEMBER 9/11/18-10/30/18

101 dates (Thursdays)
JANUARY 1/4/18-2/22/18
MARCH 3/8/18-4/26/18
MAY 5/10/18-6/28/18
JULY 7/19/18-9/6/18
SEPTEMBER 9/13/18-11/1/18

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